Whole Living Design is a combination of holistic decluttering, empowerment coaching, artful organization and energy management. This is the key to energetic wellness.


Energetic wellness can encompass everything from a full home and life makeover, focusing on your daily goals with accountability support, identifying "energy leaks" and strengthening your boundaries, integrating healthy cooking for vitality, clean living guidance, wardrobe & living space styling and making adjustments so life functions with more ease.

Do you even have the space for what you love to find you? Do you give yourself space to express your truth?

Clutter goes beyond the physical realm.




You are AMAZING, SUCCESSFUL and full of creativity!

So why are you still experiencing regular bouts of overwhelm, embarrassment about your space, frustration with your habits, low energy, anxiety, stagnancy, breakdowns and imbalances in your relationships?

What I learned along my own journey of overcoming these challenges, navigating energetic sensitivities and getting in tune with my needs, is that these ailments are a result of energy leaks and imbalances in our homes, our bodies and our personal lives.

When we get in tune with our truth to Declutter and energetically makeover our lives, inside and out, we transform.

there is finally room for everything to flow and grow.

LET'S CLEAR SOME SPACE and get you vibing with yourself.

Like ivy, we grow where there is room for us.
— Miranda July



◆ Feel Radiant and Energetic ◆

◆ Generate more positivity from the inside-out ◆

◆ Have more energy to show up for what matters to you ◆

◆ Learn to heal your body with the alchemizing power of food

Shift your mindset to move through pain with more ease and mastery ◆

◆ Discover which environment works best to improve your lifestyle & health

Let go of the stuff that no longer serves you to create space for what does ◆

◆ Identify and change unhealthy habits that are keeping you stuck ◆

◆ Upgrade your wardrobe to match your new vibration ◆

◆ Effortlessly SHINE your brightest self! ◆


The impact of Melanie’s guidance has given me a more organized life. This radiates though every aspect of my whole being, internally and externally, and has changed me for the absolute best. When you work with Melanie, she ultimately helps you to tune into your own needs and works as a guide to empower you with the skills and mindset to uplevel yourself, offering tools for everyday to become more productive, focused and successful. I’ve learned how to think differently around my old patterns to create more effective time management, organization and life strategies.