What is Whole Living Design?

Whole Living Design is a unique combination of holistic decluttering (home-wardrobe-health-mental-etcetera), empowerment coaching, artful organization and energy management. Encompassing everything from focusing on your daily goals to integrating healthy cooking, clean living guidance, wardrobe & living space styling and practical life hacks.


I will show you why the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.


This practice is about essentialism, values embodiment and energetic wellness.

YOU do the work. I support and empower you with personalized tools for momentum and clarity for ongoing and sustainable success.

Decluttering is a practice of examining your whole life and letting go of the physical items, beliefs and habits that no longer serve your highest vibration, so that you can make space for what you love.

The process of work can be liberating, empowering, fun and epiphany inducing.

Design: /dəˈzīn/ (verb) - origin: Designation. Purpose. Project. Choose.

This is about recognizing and focusing on what matters, designing your life in accordance to you and existing from a place of vitality.


With this holistic, essentialist approach, you bring your inner-world into alignment with your outer-world, and that is the symbiotic space where purpose, flow, joy, creativity and authenticity comes alive effortlessly.

You create space for more truth, goodness, healing and love.

Take the first step in making the necessary shifts that lead you to exponential clarity and confidence.

Melanie’s advice and coaching style landed so easily with me that I have actually changed long-term habits overnight!
— Emily D.

Here’s a not-so-secret:

When consistently investing energy in yourself, you begin to operate from a natural state of wholeness and can EASILY experience feelings of widespread freedom, health and connection.

With this fuel and momentum, you have a greater capacity to show up for others, your career, passions, and all relationships with honesty and radiance.

World healing truly starts with you.

What is this not?

This is not psychotherapy or medical advice. 

I wholeheartedly encourage you to consult a mental health professional for psychiatric conditions and for appropriate trauma support.