Closet Clearing

Wardrobe Rebranding

Personal Shopping

Imagine getting dressed in the morning and loving how you look and feel in everything you wear. 😍

Compliments come your way everywhere you turn. Not only does your wardrobe reflect your personality, but you feel good about the materials. 😍😍

You are confident shopping and can't remember the last time you purchased something that didn't become your "new favorite thing." 😍😍😍

Are you ready for this kind of style boost? Here's how it happens:

STEP ONE: Closet purge & DECLUTTER

Together, we dismantle your closet to challenge the parts of you that no longer vibrate with your personality, shape and essence. I will teach you how, when and why to let go of stagnant items - and what is best to donate or take to thrift stores for cash.

This process allows you to release and excavate a stale outward appearance and make space to adorn yourself in what speaks your truth.


Next, we get super clear on your brand, style, refined color palette and any true material needs.

You will get tons of tips and tricks about how to easily put together flattering outfits on a daily basis and for special occasions, while enjoying the process.

This initiation is not only about getting rid of clothes - it is a total conscious shift in aligning your inner-self with your outward expression.


It's time to go shopping and discover stores that align with your budget and and upgraded style, items that show off your revealed sense of self, and purchase clothes that are flattering and comfortable for your shape.

If new closet pieces are needed, we target those first.

I will teach you methods to tune into energy and intuition as you shop, making the process more enjoyable and efficient.

You will walk away with a customized color palette brand board, Pinterest inspiration, and newfound everlasting confidence when getting dressed, which will vibrate far beyond your closet.

STEP FOUR: "REDESIGNED YOU" Photoshoot (Optional)

Want to show off your new gorgeous self? Need some updated shots now that you have refined your look?

Great news, I want to take your photo and have been shooting professionally for more than 13 years.

I specialize in natural light portrait photography, capturing your shining essence through the lens. Let's celebrate!