A customized 3-week long immersion

COmprehensive Decluttering

self-care coaching

Life Design

Think you don’t have time to transform your life?

It only takes a day.

Five immersive in-person coaching + design days

Three days (6 hours each) + Two days (3 hours each)


24 hours

i n c l u d e s

Whole Life Decluttering

Assessment and Awareness

Designing and Visioning

Decor and Wardrobe Shopping

Clearing, Cleaning, Healing

Organizing and Streamlining

Home Styling and Integration

Guided Healing Processes and Meditations

Energetic Bodywork and Reiki to help ground, regulate and integrate

s u p p o r t  & f o c u s

Values Embodiment

Energetic Boundaries

Calibrating Your Energy

Mindset Shifts

Commitment and Relationship to Self

Compassion and Forgiveness

Reprogramming of Patterns/Habits

Facilitated Space Clearing and Intention Setting



I don’t work with everyone and the clients I select receive my full presence.

The ripple effect is REAL.

Want to see for yourself? If you feel this work could be for you, scheduling a complimentary get-to-know-you call: