Who this is for

YOU. The you who is here seeking more grounding, ease, inner-peace, joy, flow, support, beauty, happiness, love and prosperity.

The you who is thisclose to accessing your unlimited energy source, but need to declutter some space first.

The you who has outgrown your patterns/wardrobe/living space, and needs support while courageously rebuilding.

The you who is concerned about your impact on your environment, and your environment’s impact on you.

  • Entrepreneurs, coaches and conscious change-makers. Maybe you simply need an Energetic Audit & Life Calibration to elevate your epic existence into ultra-wholeness, integrity and alignment. Maybe you have hit a plateau with success and desire a new kind of coaching to propel your life into the extraordinary!
  • Energetically Sensitive Humans. You are “almost there” but can’t quite put your finger on why you continue to stumble, or fall into cycles of mysterious depression or illness. I built this for you.
  • Rockstars who work from home but need more structure, balance and systems in place to nurture the creative genius. I will show you how small tweaks can make a big difference.
  • Stay-at-home Supermoms & Dads looking for relief, advice and revamping in your homes to positively impact the entire family's health and ecosystem.
  • People who have Chronic Pain or Illness who want to break FREE from the misery cycles. This is not about denying the existence of your pain, but finding mastery in the experience. I know where you are coming from. ❤️

Anyone who wants to experience the closest thing to magic, true self-love and ultimate fulfillment. 


This work integrates best with those who are seeking balance, upgrades and soul polishing while coming up on the brighter side of major success, transformations or transitions. Those who are ready and willing to live outwardly in congruence with their inner-most value, bringing their lives into harmony.


What is this not?

This is not psychotherapy or medical advice. I wholeheartedly encourage you to consult a mental health professional for psychiatric conditions and for appropriate trauma support.