Success Stories

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"Melanie is a godsend! I have up-leveled my life in so many ways and learned amazing life hacks and methods to 'design' my life the way I wanted it (and even better than I knew was possible). My space is decluttered, redecorated, energetically cleansed and it feels like a brand new apartment. Melanie is intuitive and in-tune with energy, which was so impactful as she walked me thoroughly through the process. Her advice and coaching style landed so easily with me that I have actually changed long-term habits overnight!

I also had an amazing personal shopping experience by letting go of old clothes and discovering my 'brand' and color palette, which is truly life transforming! I feel so much more confident when shopping and getting dressed now.

I can’t speak highly enough about this service and wish I could hire Melanie for every area of my life!"

- Emily D. -Yoga Instructor & Musician

"...I am continually learning the value in simplifying, letting go, holding people and experiences dear, while lightening the load of too much STUFF."


"Through working with Melanie, I am continually learning the value in simplifying, letting go, holding people and experiences dear, while lightening the load of too much STUFF, and living a life of wasting less and caring more. Through walking the talk herself and her commitment to maintaining a strong awareness of self, our environment, and the world, she has nudged me out of my shell, and contributed to a version of me that is a more engaged, thoughtful citizen/mom/human.

I feel truly seen and understood by Melanie, accepted for who I am, and grateful for constructive advice around work, family, and other areas of life. I am more self-aware, and aware of what I choose to put in, on, and around me because of Melanie’s priceless insights. She is by far the best listener I’ve ever had the pleasure of pouring my heart and secrets out to. She listens carefully, shows empathy, and constructs valuable advice for all areas of life."

-Stephanie G. -NUTRITIONIST & MOm

"I struggle with chronic pain and illness. Melanie supports me in feeling sane and not alone. She empowers me to take action - she showed me my own courage. Over the years, every hobby I've ever taken up, she encourages my talents, making it known (most importantly to myself!) that I am worthy. When my heart is heavy, Melanie reminds me that I am light. 

Courage, worthiness, beaming light: these are just a few of the beautiful qualities that Melanie has within herself. And she shares them all, ambitiously, backed by kindness and love. Not forgetting to mention she is wealth of knowledge for me! 

Melanie is overflowing with all things good. I believe she is here, right now, to spill her light into others who may be unsure of what to do with their darkness."

-Jackie E. -Stay-at-home Supermom

"Peace, calm and flow that has brought more joy and light to my life" 


"The impact of Melanie's guidance has given me a more organized life. This radiates though every aspect of my whole being, internally and externally, and has changed me for the absolute best. When you work with Melanie, she ultimately helps you to tune into your own needs and works as a guide to empower you with the skills and mindset to uplevel yourself, offering tools for everyday to become more productive, focused and successful. I've learned how to think differently around my old patterns to create more effective time management, organization and life strategies.

I am so grateful for her positive but no-nonsense support and logistical prowess."

-Sara S. -Mother & Natural Food Sales

"After working with Melanie, I better understand my own health, what I am putting in my body and how to recognize harmful ingredients in foods, beverages, and cosmetics. I have also learned the importance of paying more attention to my own energy and how I feel around others as well as listening to my body, as every individual is different. Melanie's passion about holistic health is apparent as she naturally guides others with their overall physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing."

-Whitney P. -Social Worker

"When Mel came, it was like Mary Poppins!"

"Melanie helped my 6 year old daughter do a toy purge. It's amazing how bringing in a different adult can make such a difference in how an activity feels. It truly takes a village! She guided my daughter get rid of incomplete and old craft projects and games that were missing pieces. Surprisingly, this was a big source of arguments when we asked her to get rid of these things, but when Mel came, it was like Mary Poppins! In under two hours, we had a whole kitchen bag of trash and a box of toys for Goodwill!"

-Chris W. -Photographer