Here's how I show up For you:


  • in service to offer support without judgment

Above all. I am your personal cheerleader! Trust me to show up with acceptance and nurturing, no matter what you are facing. Your abilities and growth are a plant for me to water and shine sunlight on. Come as you are.

Share your story with me and experience what it's like to be heard with love.

  • to Clear SPACE and masterfully optimize your life

Sensitivity Superpowers. Intuitive vision for smart aesthetics and a photographic memory combined with innate sensitivities for space help me engage with a person, walk into a room, look in a closet, or glance at a schedule to assess exactly what needs to happen to optimize your life.

  • with forgiveness, empathy and compassion

For myself and others. As a survivor of decades of abuse, trauma and neglect, I spent many years in a state of victimhood, floundering, begging for relief or death. I was once blind to how blaming my circumstances was actually paralyzing my ability to thrive.

My allies have been deep meditation, food and plant medicine, brain retraining, EMDR, sacred connection with nature, and support from trusted mentors and coaches, reminding me that these challenges have actually provided amazing opportunities to transform my story. The struggle and suffering I have moved through has brought me to profound levels of compassion, patience and forgiveness, and has allowed me to empathize and relate with virtually anyone. I am so grateful to be able to support others along this journey.


Life is art. I literally walk through every moment with this lens, and find beauty in everything I see. Macro and Micro: Life is as delightful as you make it.

The impact of color on one's vibration is something I recognized early in life. I have studied the psychology of this phenomenon in marketing, mood, home design, fashion and beyond. My professional background as a portrait photographer, private personal shopper, former StitchFix stylist, creative director on national fashion campaigns, graphic & web designer, and brand developer has allowed me to implement and integrate these intriguing concepts to help others express themselves authentically. I'd love to help you shine!


Getting sh*t done. I am recovered from a 25 year long eating disorder, complex-PTSD, and have self-healed various auto-immune disorders and chronic pain. From age 13 until 26, I was over-medicated and hospitalized multiple times for months at a time due to unstable mental health, a dysfunctional home, serious eating disorders, anxiety, panic, and suicide attempts. None of this "traditional" treatment worked and actually made my condition A LOT worse. I felt alone, misunderstood and hopeless. 

It was up to me to find healing and change my life if I wanted happiness.

Overcoming depression, addiction, anxiety and trauma certainly did not come easy and it did not come overnight. This came with a hugely supportive team of friends, coaches, mentors, compassionate doctors, the continuous practice of accountability to myself, willingness to examine behavior and letting go of limiting beliefs and programs. This liberating process of being radically honest with oneself is an ongoing calibration of embodying healthy boundaries, needs and values.

  • As a RESOURCEFUL Leader, disciplineD, Calm under pressure

This journey is an unending building of self from the core on out. No end is possible, no fine figuring or complete clarity, but all breaths of wisdom come slowly and over years, through dark and light the road keeps winding, and we meet it always with joy and patience so it keeps onward still.
— Jacqueline Suskin

Hooah. This was especially refined through service in the US Army in 2001 - I was in basic training on 9/11...followed by four years as a military wife. The time I spent as a soldier was short-lived and non-sequitur, but meaningful. Not to mention the top-notch bed making and boot polishing skills I acquired. In my 20s, I operated my own successful photography business, worked at a NYC financial firm, and moonlighted as an exotic dancer in North Carolina. My quick-thinking logistical and resourceful spirit has been strongly developed through countless childhood moves, uprootings and hardships, multiple "flying by the seat of my pants" solo cross-country relocations, displacement from toxic mold illness, and other crisis situations that offered learning and growth opportunities...even if they took awhile to integrate ;) 

We must remember: Challenges and pain are inevitable - it is the grace by which we handle these circumstances that determines our character and capacity for success and happiness.

  • 🌞: Libra

  • 🌙: Cancer

  • 🌅: Scorpio

Nuff said? ;)

  • with A spoonful of sugar

Your modern day Mary Poppins. I serve up these reminders and lessons with the necessary honesty, high-level communication and clarity you would want from any effective mentor, but my sweet heart infuses it all with pure love and fun!


Melanie Rose Prince lives and creates from her sunny yellow townhouse in Boulder, Colorado. She works with clients locally, hosts workshops, and can guide others anywhere in the world through the click of a Zoom link.

SHe is Also available for travel to any destination.