I am a holistic life decluttering consultant and energetic wellness/empowerment coach. An organization and efficiency geek. An intuitive empath who has developed my hypersensitivities for transformation and service. I am a culinary artist, pain alchemist, experience curator, wardrobe stylist, and designer. A photographer, musician and writer. An advocate for change.

A Reiki Master, birth doula, road tripper, wildflower harvester...National Park going, stay-in-bed-all-morning, crystal loving, sage burning, plant momming, baby whispering, human being.



What I live for and value:

Freedom • Expansion • Truth • Love • Beauty

Joy • Essentialism • Liberation from Suffering

The journey I am on has been action and agony packed with challenging, humbling, and strangely diverse experiences. I spent three decades of my life focused on illness, lack, comparison and blame. I was depressed, anxious and confused, despite professional and financial success achieved by my early 20s. Starving myself to death and hurting my body. Drowning in shame. Floating through days with intractable migraines. Clinging to toxic relationships. Stuck in miserable pain cycles and ever-seeking a diagnosis. Suicidal. Broke. Neglecting my art and music. Resentful toward my past, my parents, my abusers, my hardships, all of the perceived missed opportunities. Angry at my chronic illness for interrupting my dreams. The attachment to believing my circumstances prevented me from thriving was a self-fulfilling prophecy that kept me playing small in the world, in a cycle of chaos and instability.

Eventually, I realized there was no other choice but to make a change.

Slowly at first, followed with a fury...I surrendered to the fear, pain and anxiety and asked for support. Through therapy, coaching, Vipassana meditation, breast explant surgery, listening to the experiences of others, and deeply trusting my own intuition, I let go of the stories, excuses, beliefs, habits and tons of material possessions, which no longer aligned with this fierce woman I began catching glimpses of and recognized at my core.

I forgave myself, started using my voice, stopped apologizing for existing, finally allowed myself to have needs, emotions and boundaries, and assumed radical responsibility for how I experience everything in my life. 

I restored the energy that had been released by spending more and more time deep in nature, creating art and music, meditating and moving, cooking myself incredible meals infused with love, recovering from FOMO, and tending to myself with the same care, compassion, patience and love I offer children.

This shedding and refinement process is a constant cycle - there will always be lessons and opportunities available. But the more space and honesty I allow, the more freedom I experience.

Self-healing and epic success is possible. You have all the answers inside of you, but you don't have to do it alone. I would be honored to guide you toward the same place of empowerment, resiliency, clarity and honesty that holds these beauty-filled, pattern-interrupting, life-changing, abundance unlocking and love-enhancing solutions that allow us to shift our lives so dramatically.


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Melanie Rose Prince lives and creates from her sunny yellow townhouse in Boulder, Colorado. She works with clients locally in their homes, hosts workshops, and can guide others anywhere in the world through the click of a Zoom link.

SHe is Also available for travel to any destination.