Immerse & transform your Space

Perhaps your space no longer reflects who you have become, but you don't know where to start.

close your eyes, IMAGINE this:

You are fully supported and understood

Everything you own has a place in your home

space is cleared for more of what you desire in your life

Everything around you is high-quality, functional and beautiful

your home is easy to keep clean and tidy

You feel energized and Free


During this holistic, in-person process of exploring essentialism (a more realistic and intuitive approach to minimalism), we will identify and set clear intentions, clear out the cobwebs, declutter stagnant energy and material items, redecorate designated spaces in your home, revamp your wardrobe, organize your closet, set up systems to support your health and creativity, and much more.

This is not about getting RID OF YOUR FAVORITE THINGS!

This is about DISCOVERing WHAT is supporting you to exist in your highest vibration. We will clear space for what you truly desire in your life.

Day 1:


4 hours includes

Intention setting

Space/clutter strategy

Vision board session

Decluttering Coaching

Day 2:


8 hours includes

Purging, sorting and clearing

Energetic lessons of your "Stuff"

Wardrobe, color, brand consulting

Organization strategy

Day 3:


8 hours includes

Personal shopping

Redecorate and organization

Basic Feng Shui of space*

Dinner: Healing Cooking Lesson

We will also explore:

Embodying your beliefs and values

Investing your energy with intention

The healing power of food and energetics of cooking

How to change long-term habits practically overnight

The symbiotic relationships between you and your environment

The importance of aligning your space and wardrobe to your vibration

Clean living & environmental impact overview

Lifehacks galore

And much more richness!

Please schedule a call so I can learn about you, discuss details and receive a quote.

All clients must pre-qualify for Holistic Immersions to ensure it is a match for ultimate success.

A 60 minute preparation call will then take place to perform an energetic & clutter audit, establish which areas will be transformed, vision board set-up, and goal-setting.

Each 3-day immersion begins with 1 large room and one closet

Each additional room and closet require 1 day

*Referrals to Feng Shui experts available for full services