The Healing Power of FooD

unlocking an energy channel

Do any of these sound like you?

"I love cooking for others, but not myself."

"I would dedicate more energy to cooking if..."

"I have no idea how to navigate my kitchen."

"Grocery shopping...ugh!"

"Cooking takes so much time, and cleaning the mess is never worth it."


I offer:

Recipe-free Cooking Lessons

Grocery Shopping Made Fun

Kitchen makeovers

Elimination without Deprivation

Available in-home or online

Melanie has shown me how to prepare meals with true love and care, for myself and for my family. She turns cooking into an act of nurturing, nourishing, and healing. She makes dietary “restrictions” feel like anything but deprivation; rather she has helped me understand the deep satisfaction and health benefits that can come from lovingly preparing foods that our bodies (and souls) love and enjoy.
— Stephanie G. -Nutritionist & Mom

Perhaps you were never taught how to cook.

The idea of preparing a meal can be daunting and with modern conveniences, it is too easy to neglect this essential energy source.

Let me support you in unlocking this part of your wellness.

I promise you that the entire process of preparing a nourishing, nutrient-filled, delicious meal is not only simple, but more powerful and healing than you could ever imagine.

At the most basic level, cooking can be an intentional practice involving trust, love, intuition, and nurturance, especially if only for yourself. 

Forget the rules, forget the recipes and slow down.

learn how to tap into your senses to create fuel for your mind, body, soul and family.

Incorporating cooking into your life will activate your energy, literally infusing it into your food and immediately feeding it back to your body. Feeding yourself does not have to be complicated, stressful or messy! This practice is a tangible way of experiencing the circuitry of giving and receiving. 

This is real alchemy.

Specializing in food allergies, anti-inflammatory protocols and ultra-healing foods.

Melanie has taught me how to cook with simple, healthy, affordable ingredients.
— Whitney P.