Energetic Audit & Life Calibration Sessions

90 minute coaching session


Energetic whatuh whatas?

  • During an Energetic Audit & Life Calibration, we examine and audit NINE essential parts of your life:

    • Environment - Physical Space, Clutter, Systems

    • Mind & Spirit - Mindset, Essence, Identity, Values

    • Physical Wellbeing - Movement & Food

    • Consumption - Shopping, Media, Materials, Ingredients

    • Relationships - Romance & Communication

    • Growth - Enrichment & Expansion

    • Career - Prosperity & Fulfillment

    • Community - Social Life & Service

  • Receive insights, inquiry and reflections about your energy intake/output through a structured, fun and illuminating process.

  • A written review of the session, and a 5-6 minute video with recommendations to initiate any desired ongoing changes is delivered after the session.

  • Walk away with an excellent sense of the daily energy/time/effort you are investing, clarity around which systems and people are supporting you best, the healthy and unhealthy habits you are focusing on, and where you may have leaky or stagnant energy so you can show up better for what's important to you.

  • These sessions are beneficial and supportive at any point in your journey, to take inventory, stay accountable to yourself and improve overall wellness.