One-on-One coaching

Through this life-makeover program, you will:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and transform habits that no longer serve you

  • Create shifts that lead to emotional freedom, physical wellbeing and financial success

  • Communicate with confidence, honesty and kindness

  • Invest your energy with intention and inspired action

  • Stay accountable to yourself and others

  • Design your wardrobe and outfits to match your vibration

  • Make space for more abundance and growth

  • Be impeccable with your energetic boundaries

  • Set up structure and systems to support your creative flow

  • Implement simple methods to live a cleaner, more sustainable life

  • Exist from a place of truth and wholeness so that you can contribute to a thriving world

  • Live delightfully :)

    I would love to chat with you about your goals.

Coaching work and personal development is never about fixing yourself, getting it perfect, being right or wrong, better or worse. This is about showing up for yourself and designing the life you truly desire. It is about intention, focus and accountability.

Remember: You are already whole.

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6 months includes

Energetic Calibration

90 minute Essential energy audit


12 Coaching Calls - 50 minutes each

Private Zoom call, 2x/month

Strategic goal setting & Accountability

channeled & Intuitive messages

Inspiring Journaling prompts

Gene keys teachings & exploration

Guided meditations & Visualization

Oracle & lenormand card readings

Weekly assignments and projects


Voxer Voice Support

legit BFF status



Super Sweet Welcome Care Package

Materials for Clearing, Healing, Creating

Individually Curated & customized


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