I offer simple, accessible solutions for you to adopt supportive, healthy habits.

You can live cleaner for yourself, your family, your community and our planet.


Do you know enough about the items you are exposing yourself, your children, pets and loved ones to?

or, Are you buying products simply because of familiarity and advertisements?



Our planet is jam packed with all kinds of things and stuff.

People in the background are constantly telling you what to watch and read, what products to use, how to behave, who to listen to, where to spend your time, what to eat, where to spend your money and what to bring into your home.

Do you know how certain food dyes, additives, plastics, parabens, pesticides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) , synthetic fragrances and other elements in your life are harming your physical and emotional health?

The typical American home contains 3-10 gallons of toxic materials. The average American watches more than 5 hours of television everyday, and teenagers are spending an average of 9 hours a day on social media. These things are draining our vital energy, creating fear and isolation, and undermining our wellbeing.

When we inhale, touch and expose ourselves to toxins through air and airwaves, we get sicker and more distracted from what brings us joy in life.

Clean living is an essential component to supporting your journey of wellbeing.


I encourage you to prioritize this If you are pregnant, have children or are dealing with mysterious health symptoms