It’s time to freshen up your life and make space for new levels of self-care

Are you happy in your home?

Do you feel peaceful, connected and inspired?

Or overwhelmed, disconnected and tired.

Do your habits, language and values match the life you desire?

Or are you frequently feeling like an imposter?

Imagine letting go of old stuff, tired excuses and bad habits, transforming overwhelming emotions into creative energy, launching yourself into flow states, and anchoring into an authentic and magnetic version of yourself.

These are side-effects of a truly congruent, spacious, liberated life.

You can create a ripple effect through intentional living, self-care and embodying your values.

And what a relief it would be for someone to pop into your life to support you and show you the way…


That’s where I come in!

Would you believe this only takes 24 hours?

I’m Melanie Rose Prince.

The Mary Poppins of Life Design.


I help fellow leaders and entrepreneurs come into congruence with personal values to stabilize their foundation and design the life they desire.

Through a whole-life decluttering process, we examine, clear and redesign your physical space as a gateway to discover what is happening internally. This creates a productive platform for shifting and letting go of unhealthy beliefs and patterns.

This superpower did not come easily.

Before intentionally designing my own life, I spent over 30 years stuck in victimhood; clinging to who I thought I was. Focused on illness, lack, comparison, blaming everything that had happened “to me.” Even in my mid-20s, with a fancy job in NYC, an engagement ring on my finger, friends everywhere and a sparkly life on the outside, I was confused and miserable.

It has been a decade since I began practicing intentional living, shifting my experience of pain, inviting food to be medicine, committing to modalities for reprogramming habits and beliefs, taking radical accountability and redefining my relationship to my surroundings, my “stuff” and myself.

These experiences and devotions have helped me access profound self-healing, trust, mindset transformation, rapid manifestation and the realization that sustainable fulfillment is available at our fingertips.

I am proof that anyone can change patterns, shift beliefs and create a life aligned with their truth.

I’m here to guide you (and your spaces) into powerful congruence.

Are you feeling inspired? Curious? Maybe even a little scared? PERFECT.



All of my clients go through a foundational 24-hour/3 week immersive coaching + redesign experience.

From there, weekly accountability support is available and encouraged to assist with ongoing transformation, integration and expansion.



A customized 3-week long immersion

COmprehensive Decluttering

self-care coaching

Life Design

Think you don’t have time to transform your life?

It only takes a day.

Five immersive in-person coaching + design days

Three days (6 hours each) + Two days (3 hours each)


24 HOURS, during which you will:

  • Identify which items & situations you’ve been unwilling to release and see how they reflect the limiting beliefs blocking you in other areas of life.

  • Shift and reprogram your daily reality and habits through the power of language to create new possibilities for yourself.

  • Develop an impeccable practice of energetic boundaries, creating vitality, confidence and clarity in all of your relationships.

  • Dismantle and restyle your closet, a microcosm of your beliefs and habits, so you can don the wardrobe of your integrated self.

  • Discover the healing circuitry of cooking and food as medicine to explore your untapped superpower of self-nourishment.

  • Design a solid time and energy management architecture and beautiful, understandable calendar system to support your daily activities.

  • Repair any “toxic” relating with your living space to fall in love with your environment again.

  • Stop the cycle of leaving sh*t for the next generation so our planet inherits a future free of your clutter.

  • Decorate and style your home to create your dream sanctuary for congruence, wholeness and inspiration.

  • Create space internally and externally for the joy, love, ease and connection you want to be experiencing.


I don’t work with everyone and my clients receive my full presence.

The ripple effect is REAL. Want to see for yourself?

If you feel this work could be for you, schedule a complimentary call: